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Voices of a Generation

The Wakeup Call - Voices of a Generation
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Global, political and social issues for today's youth: Stand up. Speak up. Wake up.

the_wakeup_call is a community for members of this so-called "Silent Generation" to speak out on world issues that they feel are important. Have an opinion? Post it. Found a vid? Post it. Made icons? Post 'em. Wrote something? Post it. Read an article? Post it.

This is not to say we don't got some guidelines 'round here!

1. Slurs are not permitted.. This covers everything: race, nationality, profession, gender identity, sexual preference. Such language will be mocked for, in Aly's words, their abject stupidity -- if they're not deleted first. Spam goes out the window, too. Should you post anonymously, your IP address will be logged. This is for security reasons, and also so that if you don't have a LiveJournal account, we can tell to some extent who's who.

2. Be eloquent. Chatspeak and rampant profanity are a no. You've got good opinions; make sure others can read them.

3. Be detailed. Don't just bash. "Nancy Pelosi's last statement was totally uncalled for! What does she think she's doing?" Well? What does she think she's doing? "Dick Cheney should be criminally persecuted!" Sure, very well, that may be so. But why? Go into detail. There's a lot to be investigated around here.

4. Use sources. Yeah, sorry. We're in high school/college too. We all hate having to do footnotes. But really, if you read an awesome article in the BBC and then saw a Daily Show snippet that provoked you to make a huge long post, mention your inspirations. If you quote, tell us where you got it. Links are love, didn'tcha know?

5. Take action. What's going on in your community? Find out. Do stuff and write about it. No, seriously. Not kidding. You can actually write letters to your senators and not come off as a total dork. It's kind of cool, actually. So go do stuff.

6. Think as an individual, and about individuals. When you post, don't use "us" and "we," "them" and "they." Use "me" -- in that regard, be self-centered. Don't diss a group as a whole, or assume that because you voted for Obama you have to agree with Obama on every single issue.

Snark, rudeness, elitist sentiments, harshness, and airs of unwelcoming are not appreciated and will be commented upon.

If you don't agree with someone, don't just rip into them for not being you. Mob mentalities are NOT APPRECIATED. This goes under the "think as an individual" rule.

emmegan is the primary mod of this comm. She's going to try to keep her positions neutral, more informative than opinionated, when diffusing disagreements. You can reach her via her personal LJ or through an LJ message. rain_sleet_snow is also a mod.

Feedback, friending, and pimpage of all kinds is appreciated. Help us out!